Writer Update

Yesterday I finished the tenth edit of my novel, Lakota Dreams, and now the difficult part begins — publishing it.  It took a year to write the first draft, and then after feedback from about ten readers of the manuscript, I believe I’ve made the necessary changes to consider it my best work to date.  It truly is a good story, with historical references, and about a subject for which I have a lot of passion.  Although I wrote the finest query letter I’ve ever composed, all I received were more rejections from potential agents and publishers.  Undaunted, I will go on, but this time, I will promote differently, using the support of a young webmaster, hopefully sending millions of messages about Lakota Dreams to various target audiences.  The result will be selling many electronic versions of the book, and hopefully finding someone out there who has the wherewithall to get the story transformed into a film or television mini-series.  I’ve talked to other self-published and non-published authors, and feel I have an advantage having a marketing background.  Most “creative” types abhor the selling process, and/or are intimidated by it.  Some just are uncomfortable selling themselves.  While I share some of those sentiments, at least I have a lot of famliarity with all those often demeaning efforts — telemarketing, direct sales, mailouts, research, etc. —  so I can get through the undesirable part of being a writer.  Of course, if I had a damn agent, a good one, then I could spend more time doing the pleasant part of being a writer and that obviously is writing.  In three or four months, I will have selected a publisher and launched the marketing campaign for Lakota Dreams.  In three years, maybe something great will happen.  In the meantime I’ve begun a fifth novel which combines a murder mystery with Cold War intrigue.  The book is based partially on my expereince in the Navy when I tracked Soviet submarines from a small island naval facility using really cool technology.


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