Starting a New Novel

Okay, I know there are drugs to treat schizophrenia, but is there a drug to create schizophrenia?

My point is this.  I have learned through my creative writing, especially writing novels, that I’m most effective if I can become absorbed with the lead male character, and I do mean absorbed.  For the two years I worked on Lakota Dreams, I spent many hours thinking about the main character, Nate Henderson.  What were his thoughts?  What were his feelings?  What did he want?  What motivated him and what were his fears?  I’d put myself in his situation and gradually I understood everything about him.  I thought about the character while on walks, or alone in bed at three in the morning, or driving around town.  Then when I sat down at my keyboard it was easy to create the story.  A story that took 187,000 words to relate.

Nate was in is early twenties and his story takes place during the early  1870’s.  My new novel with the working title, Navfac, is about half done, and four months ago it was almost half done.  It’s been slow in the creation.  The main character in the new novel is Alex Wolfe, a man about forty years of age.  The year is 1970.   After two years “as” Nate, it’s dificult to be “Alex. 

So I need to come down with a mild case of schizophrenia, because it’s hard to get Nate Henderson out of mind, and I need to focus on Alex Wolfe.  The past few days I’ve consciously tried to kill Nate off figuratively so I can get on with novel number five.  But with Lakota Dreams at the publisher, and working with my artist on the cover, Nate continues to haunt me.  And I know in a month or so, I’ll be heavy into marketing Nate’s story.

I suppose this is one of the many challenges of being a writer.  I’ll fugure it out.


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