The Direct Approach

I don’t consider myself to be aggressive, but after trying to break into the publishing business with something other than self-published novels for a few years has at least motivated me to try the direct approach in chasing success as a writer.  Perhaps it’s the hundred or more rejections I’ve received from prospective agents or publishers that emboldens me.   It is clear that finding an agent or publisher is difficult, even though I’ve sold over 5,000 copies of my novels and have solid reader research which suggests my writing deserve more attention.

So I wrote a letter to John Cusack.  He’d be a good Rhett Sanders in my detective series if made into films.  I sent a copy of Lakota Dreams to Kevin Costner, in care of one of his establishments in Deadwood, S.D.  He’d be a great producer, and I know he shares an affection for the Black Hills featured in my fourth novel.  I was going to try to get Billy Bob Thornton a copy of that novel, having loved his direction of the film, All the Pretty Horses.  But a friend in Hollywood suggested I’d be asking for trouble.  I had a friend in New York who was going to try to get a copy of my books to Regis.  The theory is if I can get a book made into a film or TV production, then book sales would follow.

So far, nothing is working.  But it’s a numbers game so I’ve been told, and I’ll continue to fire off as many shots in all directions as possible.  Agents.  Publishers.  Hollywood types. I’ll target my efforts where I can. But I’ll use this direct approach, maybe just so I can sleep better nights knowing that I wasn’t afraid to try the seemingly improbable.  I can dream…and should dream.


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