My New Book Cover

The creation of my book cover for Navfac, The Final Tour of Duty, is all I’m waiting on before self-publishing.  Again.  The manuscript won a SW Writer’s award for being one of the best novel manuscripts of the year by an independent writer, yet I still couldn’t get an agent or publisher to respond to my queries with anything other than a form rejection notice.  So the frustration continues.

I’m still promoting Lakota Dreams, with an emphasis on selling it as the basis  for a film, or more likely, a TV miniseries.  And I’ve just begun novel number six, which will resurrect Rhett Sanders and Toni Darnell from the Random Sample detective series.

What is interesting about the cover for Navfac, my artist was struggling as there was no clear, single image which seemed to stand out as an obvious solution.  It’s good book.  Perhaps my best (although I like them all and am partial to my frontier saga).  But it’s a cold war story, with murders, CIA involvement, the military, and romance.    I told my artist, Mark Moore (who did fabulous covers for books 1,2 and 4) to not worry about the cover being tasked with selling the book.  I told him that most sales would be done with me present at a book signing, a Christmas shopping event, etc.   His  cover for Lakota Dreams has been an effective promotional aspect, as I’ve sold several copies at gift shops and drug stores in South Dakota without having to be there.

The solution my artist seems to be focused on is good.  It is a well-composed piece of art.  It is so good, I went back into the novel and made edits to ensure the reader would understand what the cover is all about.

Hopefully I’ll have the art finalized next week and then Navfac ready for book stores by June 1.


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