While Waiting for the Big Break

I’m well into the draft of novel number six, and it’s going well.   I’ve actually read some books lately, something I was cautious about because I didn’t want to be subconsciously or consciously directed by other authors in my writing.  But I admit that by reading others, I am learning.  But while I wait for my big break  — which is definitely coming — I need to stay motivated, and I’d like to share two stories of how that is happening through  luck or just good karma.

A few weeks ago I was on a walk through my neighborhood and by chance intercepted a nice lady who was also on her walk.  We were on the same pace, going in the same direction for at least a mile, so we walked together and chatted.  About the weather.  About allergies.  Then I introduced myself.  To my surprise and utter delight she asks, “The author?”  Very nice.

Last week I gave a copy of Lakota Dreams to one of the guards who patrols our street.  He’s one-eighth Lakota and had heard I’d written a book about his ancestors.  Well, again I was on a walk, and he’s parked on our street.  He’s reading something.  When he sees me, he jumps out of the car with a look of genuine sadness and exclaims, “Joseph just died.”  Very, very nice.  He tells me he’s loving my novel.  (Joseph is a charatcer in the book who was killed by Pawnees.)

So I stay motivated while I wait.  I’m lucky.


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