Finally I’m Out of the Book Distribution Business

After five self-published novels, I have finally been accepted by a real publisher, Sunstone Press of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Sunstone is a small/medium size publisher with an impeccable repuation.  Last week week I met the key personnel at Sunstone and liked them very much.  My next novel, Canyon Road, will be released in a few weeks.  Trade paperback and e-book.  It will be available to bookstores through Ingram, one of the largest distributors in the world, and through Amazon.  I will take on most of the responsibility for generating sales, and will hopefully learn more about that soon and then begin a consistent effort.  I still believe it will be critical for me to sell movie/TV rights if I’m to ever make the really big time as a novelist.

Sunstone will re-release all of my previous novels over the next two or so years, after some edits and using new titles.  It’s true that you can teach an old dog new tricks.  With my publisher’s urging, I’m writing movie treatments and writers guides for all my books.  Readers guides (for those who may not know like me until a month ago) is a list of questions for use by book clubs or classes.  This will take another month to complete.

Then I’ll begin novel seven.  I’m planning to bring back Rhett and Toni  as the main characters, and write a political murder mystery.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to have a publisher for many reasons.  The owner of the company, Jim, told me he likes my writing, believing I do a better job than John Grisham.  Jim’s right hand man, Carl, considers my work literature.  I’m flattered and gratefulk to have professionals who believe in me. Also I’m pleased to now have exposure through Ingram and Amazon (I was available on Amazon before), and through other avenues that reach international markets.  I sold about 5,000 of my self-published books, and now I can stop worrying about inventory storage, or delivering books to book stores, or mailing one book at a time, or lifting heavy boxes.  I’m out of the distribution business.

There is some added pressure.  I need to justify the faith in me Sunstone Press has shown, and take full advantage of the opportunity to take my writing to a much higher level in terms of sales.  It’s good pressure.


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