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Back in the Saddle

August 13, 2013

I’ve been actively writing novel #7 and it feels so good. I’m done with the editing chores required with re-publishing novels numbers, 6, 4 and 1 in that order. When I go for walks, I’m thinking about my next chapter. When I’m tossing and turning in bed during the middle of the night I’m thinking about how to input more drama and suspense in the story. And when I’m at the keyboard, I’ll occasionally stop for a moment, stare out the window, and suddenly in through the glass oozes the words I’m searching for.  Writers may have to get involved with promotion. They may have to do some bookkeeping. They might spend hours or days making a living through some other endeavor.  But writers are definitely happiest when they are writing. I’m happy. Even though I’ve only outlined the first 20 chapters, and I’m not certain of my ending, I know that through my process of writing — the hours spent at the keyboard or in contemplation on my walks — I will be able to complete the novel with a satisfactory ending. I trust my process. And in three weeks I go on vacation with my wife to the Black HIlls, to revisit the inspiration for novel #4. This is a great time.