Having A Publisher Isn’t the End All

I was happy when I signed a deal with a publisher.  Now my novels would be available through Ingram and other world-wide distributors.  My previously self-published novels would be re-released, and everyting would be available through Amazon including e-books.  I can buy my novels at 50% the retail price for my own purposes. But active promotion is still up to me.  I could hire a publicist.  One offered to help me for $20,000 over four months. For that investment he’d try to get me interviews on radio and TV.  I didn’t hire him.  Why would someone want to interview a guy who wrote books nobody’s heard of?  I tried to arrange a book signing in SantaFe.  The store said they’d sell my books on consignment and pay me 50% of retail for every book sold.  All I’d have to do is do some advertising or direct mail.  Hmmm.  So I’d lose money.  I’ve sent personally addressed and signed flyers to over 200 book stores promoting Canyon Road, Lakota Betrayal, and The Improbable .38.  But Ingram says it cannot tell me if any sales were generated.  They report sales every six months, and all they include is the number of books sold.  Not where they were sold.  Not what month they sold.  So it’s impossible to measure the impact of the flyers.  It would therefore be impossible to measure the impact of a radio or TV interview in a specific city.  So it’s very frustrating, especially for me who has a background in marketing and advertising.  So what do I do?  Keep writing. Keep promoting.  Hope for the break.  Above all else, keep writing.  And just have faith that eventually something good will happen because I’m published. Thank goodness I love to write.


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