My Take on Climate Change

I’ve heard reputable people say that climate change is real. I’ve heard other reputable people say that climate change is not real. After this year’s winter, I’d say that global warming may not be as obvious as some think. I personally believe that climate change is a phenomena that has been part of the earth for the past 4.5 billion years. Of course, man contributes to greenhouse gasses. But I also believe that climate change, and that would include global warming, is affected more by natural factors….like activity on the surface of the sun, volcanic eruptions, undersea seismic events, etc.  All this hype about man being able to reverse the course of the inevitable is, in my opinion, ludicrous. If, in fact, we’re worried about global warming, our efforts should not be in trying to stop it, but to prepare for it. It’s like dealing with a hurricane, something we do regularly on the Gulf coast. Nobody tries to stop a hurricane. But people do prepare for it. They move inland. They shore up property where it makes sense. They get food and water…batteries, generators, etc. They know they can’t stop mother nature, but they figure out a way to survive. It seems to me that people who believe in global warming should prepare for it, not try to prevent it. (Of course, I’m against pollution, but again, I don’t think man can stop the inevitable.) So yes, go for cleaner air and alternative energy production, but also take steps that are based on the assumptions that are scaring our children…rising oceans, warmer temperatures, extinction of polar bears, etc. I’ve always been a “glass half full” kind of guy. If the earth becomes warmer, and if the oceans rise, then people living right on the coast may have to relocate. There would be other problems as well. But with a warmer earth won’t our agriculture growing seasons be longer resulting in more food production? Won’t cold and flu seasons be shorter, saving lives? Won’t the resources and funds needed for winter heating be reduced? Not related, but within fifty years I think man will develop  an economical way to desalinate the oceans to make sea water potable and usable for agriculture. Water shortages around the world will be a thing  of the past. I think continued medical advances will make us healthier, with longer life expectancies. I’m tired of people speaking of doomsday, especially when they profit from it financially or politically. Our world can actually be a better place in the future, but few people are willing to admit that.


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