Concussions in American Football

My father, the first neurosurgeon in Houston, did not allow me to play little league baseball, even though kids were required to wear helmets. He said that kids’ heads weren’t protected enough.   If I was a kid today, he’d not allow me to play football.  Football helmets do not prevent concussions. You’ll read that disclaimer inside many, if not all, helmets. The tragic reports of ex-fooballers dealing  with the concussions they experienced when they grow older are sad indeed.

So the solution is simple. Take away the helmets. The ones used today are weapons. Runners lower their heads to take on a tackler, and everyone on the football field uses the heads as part of their defense, and offense. But without a helmet, football would be played much like rugby, where tackles are made without using the head, blocks are made without using the head, where  runners never lower their heads and use their heads as the point of collision.

I cringe when I see football players doing a head butt with another teammate. Without a helmet, that idiotic behavior would cease. So take away helmets (maybe provide a leather helmet like in the 1920s), and disqualify players who use their unprotected heads in any way on the football field.




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